Rebuilding a Bianchi

I found this old Bianchi road bike frame in the back of a bike shop . I made an offer for the frame and the owner sold it to me. I had a customer who was 6’2″ and needed a tall frame. He wanted a single speed, so I began to build the bike he wanted. A couple of days later he found another bike and backed out of the deal. I wished him well and invited him to return if he had any repair needs on his new bike. I will continue building the bike but, as a hybrid, with 14 gears . I have time to show the public all the steps I go through to rebuild a bike. I hope you find it interesting.

The bike frame at bike shop.

I built it for a customer, but he found another bike.

Since the customer found a bike and this bike is mine to build. I would take advantage of everything this frame has to offer.

tape over the letters and paint the bike black

The original fork was adamage, so I found a good quality Schwinn road fork to install on this bike. I had to send the fork out to have some work done . I needed to extend the threads on the one inch fork.

Painting the Bianchi

This Bianchi will have a Schwinn fork.

This bike will have a rare “Uni-Glide” cassette hub, with a 6 speed gear.

Wheels built, gear and tires installed.

Installed a few more parts.

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